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report on research talk at La Semaine de la Mongolie (2)

An English version of Frank Adebiaye’s report on my research talk in Paris is published on Typofonderie’s Gazette, the ‘newspaper’ blog from the French typeface designer Jean-François Porchez.

report on research talk at La Semaine de la Mongolie by Frank Adebiaye

Frank Adebiaye, French typographer and typeface designer, wrote a report on my research talk at La Semaine de la Mongolie in Paris on 8 May 2012.

You can read the report (in French only) on his blog and see his work on the Velvetyne Type Foundry (VTF) website.

‘Tableau des alphabets Mongols et Mandchou’
Guillaume Pauthier. 1858. ‘De l’origine et de la formation des différents systèmes d’écritures orientales et occidentales’. Paris: Imprimerie de Bourgogne et Martinet (extract from Encyclopédie Nouvelle p.588)


la Semaine de la Mongolie à Paris

On Tuesday 8 May, an update on the progress of this research project on Mongolian typefaces and new unreleased material will be presented at la Semaine de la Mongolie in Paris.

From 7 until 13 May, the thirteenth district of Paris is celebrating Mongolian culture in all its aspects. The symposium, which focuses on ‘Mongolian Space and Heritage’ is organized by OTASIE and includes several exhibitions, workshops, colloquiums,  lecture panels, discussion forums, film screenings and concerts. My talk will start on 8 May at 11:00 am in Les Voûtes, 19 rue des Frigos, Paris.

The entire program-brochure can be downloaded or consulted at otasie.org  More information can be requested at info@otasie.org or found at www.otasie.org