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Leiden and the Manchus / Leiden en de Mantsjoes

On 7 May 2015, I will be giving a talk on ‘The typographic evolution of typefaces for the Manchu language‘ in the East Asian Library at the Sinology Department of the University of Leiden.

The talk will cover the origin, the evolution and the use of Manchu typefaces. Supported with original and rare images –taken at the archives and collections of renown typefoundries, printing houses and libraries in Europe, Mongolia and Russia–, I will illustrate why it is necessary to investigate previous typesetting technologies and to analyze the typographic qualities of Manchu typefaces in order to find solutions for designing and developing new digital Manchu fonts for contemporary use.

More information can be found at

poster exhibition and symposium 'Leiden en de Mantsjoes / Leiden and the Manchus'

poster exhibition and symposium ‘Leiden en de Mantsjoes / Leiden and the Manchus’


research visit to Cambridge University Library

In the coming week I will be practically ‘living’  in the manuscript reading room of Cambridge University Library. For this leg of the research project, the archives of the British and Foreign Bible Society will be investigated in search of contextual information on Bible translations that were printed in the Mongolian script.

Not only will original copies of these publications and the utilized Mongolian printing types be studied, also the correspondence of the translators, typesetters and printers, the minutes and reports of the Bible societies and other involved participants will be examined.

The next couple of days will take me back to the early nineteenth century, into the then undiscovered regions of Siberia.

Research field trip to Ulaanbaatar and other locations in Mongolia

A research field trip to examine collections, archives, libraries and museums linked to the Mongolian script, and to meet with Mongolian linguists, calligraphers, software developers, designers and academics is planned from 30 July until 25 August 2011.

A detailed report of this research field trip, with information on all the people and material consulted, will follow.