Monthly Archives: July 2011

Research field trip to Ulaanbaatar and other locations in Mongolia

A research field trip to examine collections, archives, libraries and museums linked to the Mongolian script, and to meet with Mongolian linguists, calligraphers, software developers, designers and academics is planned from 30 July until 25 August 2011.

A detailed report of this research field trip, with information on all the people and material consulted, will follow.


All official Mongolian state documents in Mongolian script

As of today all official state documents in Mongolia will be written in the Mongolian script. Following the decree that the President of Mongolia Elbegdorj Tsakhiagiin had issued on 6 July 2010, and which takes effect on 1 July 2011,

official documents and letters of the president, prime minister, chairman of parliament, and MPs sent to the foreign high officials, will be written in Mongolian script with a translation attached in the current language or in one of the UN’s official languages.

ID passports, birth and marriage certificates, documentation and diplomas from educational and training organizations, centers will all be written both in Mongolian and Cyrillic script.

(E. Oyundari. UB POST, Tuesday June 21, 2011)