Xylograph of Tibetan-Mongolian lexicon registered to UNESCO’s Memory of the World

The wooden printing blocks of ‘Merged Garakhiin Oron’ (Towards Attaining Wisdom) have been listed by UNESCO as Memory of the World.

This Tibetan-Mongolian lexicon xylograph was assigned by the Mongolian Institute of Chronicles and Documents (today’s Academy of Sciences), and carved in 1924 at the Agiin Datsan, the Buddhist Monastery of Aga, in Buryatia.

Seven printed copies are preserved at the Museum of Rare & Precious Books of the  Mongolian National Library in Ulaanbaatar, and other copies are held in the Tibetan Book Fund of the library. The Government of Mongolia had already listed the lexicon as a piece of unique cultural heritage in 2012.

According to B. Amarsaikhan’s post on Montsame.mn is the creation of this xylograph “unmatched for its great effect on the national philosophy and achievements of  the scientific development, as well as the mesmerizing cultural masterpiece of the nations of the East.”

Merged Garakhiin Oron xylograph 1924

Merged Garakhiin Oron (Towards Attaining Wisdom) xylograph (1924)
[image courtesy of Montsame.mn]




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